Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Incremental Search in SSMS

There is a regular,all known search option (Ctrl+F) in SSMS
that pops up a window.It is very feature rich search dialog
with many search options like search direction, wildcards,
regular expressions and etc.

There is one problem with exact matches,for example
suppose you are entering "errors" in the search box,
words like "error" will be not found.

There is less known Incremental Search feature in SSMS.
Just hit Ctrl+I and start typing what are you looking for.
After each keypress, SSMS will jump to matching words.

You can see at the botton of the window what you
typed for the search.

Like here for example I searched for "rate".

For summary you can use this shortcuts:

Press [Ctrl]+[I] and start typing to search as you type.
[CTRL]+[I] = Incremental Search
[CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[I] = Back Search
[F3] – Find Next
[SHIFT]+[F3] – Find Previous

So,go ahead and try it.

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