Friday, December 17, 2010

TFS and SSMS integration

In my company, we are starting to use TFS as source control
of DB projects.

This is a big change in the work flow and development processes.

Do you know if there an option to use SSMS
instead of VS. What I mean is to do automatically
check in and check out in SSMS like you do in VS.

For example, I want to open VS, go to source control
Or go to local solution (after getting latest version),
Open a stored procedure, it will open it in SSMS,
Then edit this SP and save it back.
On editing the SP, I want automatically to do check out.

Do you use TFS source control on databases?
If so, in which way? Editing stored procedures in VS?

There is TFS MSSCCI Provider tool.
It helps you in situation when you create a project in
SSMS, add it to the source control, then you can automatically do
check in and check out directly in the SSMS files that relate to
the project you created.

What I want, is to create a database project in the VS database
edition, add it to the source control and then use SSMS instead
of Visual Studio.

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