Saturday, January 18, 2014

TFS 2012 Tips - Part 1

 1) Copy work item name with ID

Often we need to copy the work item name and ID,
For example, to copy the ID and name of a bug, requirement or task.
This can be done by opening a work item and double clicking
on the title and it will copy to the clipboard its name and the ID,
all you need is to do 'paste'. Try it.
Other method is to click on the "O" icon and it will open new email
with this item in the outlook and on the email subject you can see the
work item ID and name and you can copy it from there.

2)  Ctrl + C will copy the full URL of the document in the TFS
 when you stand on it.

When you are in “Documents” section and you
Select a file and you want to copy its URL you can press Ctrl+C
Or right mouse click and press on “Copy” option
Open notepad and press Ctrl+V and you will get the
Full URL to the file.



3) Compare files on double click in Pending Changes view

In “Pending Changes” screen in the Team Explorer
When you double click to the file on default behavior
the file will be opened in the code editor.

Press Shift + double click to open Compare tool to compare
the differences between the file and the workspace version

4) DB toolbar disappears when solution is opened.

If you have DB project in the Source Control, you
can open a stored procedure in the VS, connect to a DB
and work against a DB. To connect the a DB we have
'connect' option in the toolbar.
But the issue is that this toolbar disappears when we have
solution opened in the Solution Explorer. Close the solution
and the toolbar will appear again.

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